Local Digital Marketing

How can Local Digital Marketing boost your small business on the internet? Well, at Xcedo, we have the answer. Local Digital Marketing is a very specific field of the industry that lets small business owners – mainly restaurant owners, to draw folks from the internet looking for a very specific service/product closeby. So, what are the stages of the same?

A mobile optimized website is the first step towards hyper local marketing efforts. There are a number of things that you need to do in order to ensure that your business gets the visitors that you truly deserve. A mobile website is the first towards the same. You need to ensure that your website is mobile optimized and follows the same flow as your desktop and having a few features in addition to the desktop version – a supremely fast interface and a CTA that lets your customer contact your business quickly and convert.

Local SEO

Local SEO, the current trend in the industry, is an effective form of online marketing to attract local customers. One might assume it to be another average SEO campaign. But local SEO is totally different and the results prove to be highly effective for small business owners. This form of SEO uses Google – the search engine giant and other popular business directories like Superpages, Yelp, Touch Local & Yelp.

We, at Xcedo, focus on a strategy that ensures the business service area of our clients is optimized for their target market. Local SEO, when successfully executed, allows your business to stand out in the local search results. As a result, your business can be found by prospective customers in local directories using mobile devices.

Radius Targeting

Also known as ‘Target a Radius’, this feature allows a business to show their ads to the targeted customers within a certain distance rather than choosing a whole big city, countries or region. With this new feature added on Facebook and Google adwords, businesses can reach specific location.

Our search engine advertising effort also ensures that your business features highly for people looking for your services on Google and Bing. There are a lot of businesses that are getting it wrong – advertising on search engines. With our SEM experts, together with our digital advertisers, we can give you a truly holistic Local Digital Marketing Campaign that achieves better ROI.

We go beyond search advertising in our local digital marketing strategy. With social media becoming a major part of businesses, we ensure to advertise on social media as well. There are a lot of complexities when it comes to advertising. Get in touch with experts at Xcedo and see how we can transform your business in a major way!